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A large number of English words ending in ism, asm, and ist, become French, by annexing the letter e to them; as 'sarcasm', Fr.

As for example, the Latin donus was by the Franks reduced to hon; vinmn, to vin; marms, to main; versus, to vers; portamiis, to portons; vlviimcs, to vivons; and so of other words.

Quite an extensive class of words terminating in c, or ch hard, are turned into French by changing these letters into qw; as 'music', Fr.

* Oc and oi Avere the terms used by the respective people to signify ' yes'.Si je me permettais d'y^ cueillir une orange, Mes visirs aussitot mangeraient le verger." Florian."Soleil, je t'obscurcis," disait, en s'elevant,' Un amas de poussiere agite par le vent.The Germans not only adopted the religion, but also the language of their subjects; not however without greatly changing its form and pronunciation and incorporating with it many words of Teutonic origin.During the long reign of Louis XIV (1643 — 1515,) which is justly called the Augustan age of French literature, a brilliant constellation of authors, among whom were Bossuet, Boileau, Fenelon, Massillon, Moliere, Racine, and Lafontaine, more fully developed the genius and capabilities of the French tongue, and by their inimitable compositions gave it currency and favor among the learned of all nations and caused it to be received as the court language of Europe.

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