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Her attacker is revealed to be Jason, who fled the area because he was worried that Dean would tell about him cheating on Julie with Whitney, and also because he was worried the police were after him. There, she deduces the killer is Drew when she sees that Drew's father was Bill Anderson, the man that Nelson Hammond killed for revenge.

She confronts Drew, but is quickly proven wrong when the killer appears and attacks them. Julie runs into Patrick, and then Patrick reveals he is the killer.

The next day, the counselors inform Patrick that Jason and Whitney have gone missing, and they call the local sheriff who interrogates the group.

Everyone suspects Dean, because he is Whitney's ex-boyfriend and he has been acting suspiciously.

Julie gets an email reply from her dad, and he claims he doesn't remember a man named Nelson.

Jason is suspected next, considering he had a past with Brad.

Dean cannot provide an alibi, so he is taken in for questioning.

He attacks Julie with an axe, and chases her through the woods.Patrick then tells Sheriff Williams that he didn't kill Doug, and it must have been Trevor Moorehouse, hinting that the real Trevor is still out there.Later, Julie and Jamie say their goodbyes and Julie breaks up with Jason in order to be with Tobe, angering Jason.As Jason is walking home alone, Trevor Moorehouse appears behind bushes wielding a chainsaw, and Jason screams in terror, before the screen cuts out.A 1 was also awarded by John Fallon of Arrow in the Head, who wrote, "Movies like this make you realize just how good Friday the 13th and Scream are.

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She runs to the camp, and the other counselors, the police, Patrick and Julie gather.

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