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Glasses were defined by the quarter of the year (Jan - Mar, Apr - Jun, etc.) and the year of manufacture.The quarters were depicted by a dot above the word TRIPLEX.If you are not quite sure of the year of your car, but the decade is known, just look for two dots in the TRIPLEX logo on the glass.

I believe the tempered glass is a newer contrivance which can be stronger and may be manufactured in thinner plate to be less expensive. The last four pictures came from a 1969 Rolls Royce, and the word "SUNDYM" is apparently a trade name for tinted glass.The quarters were indicated by a dot above the word TRIPLEX.The year was indicated by a dot under one of the letters of the word TOUGHENED (thus a dot under U would have indicated 1933).The first (from previous page) is a 1950's vintage logo.The other four were supplied by Kevin Mc Cabe on June 9, 2006: Per note at top of page, the dots above the letters T, R, E and X would represent 1st through 4th quarter of a production year.

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