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The locations of those files on both platforms are listed here (LRCC/6 / LR5 / LR4).There’s just one other main thing to look out for if you’re moving cross-platform—the Mac OS can read natively Windows NTFS formatted drives, but can’t write to them, and Windows can’t read or write to Mac HFS formatted drives.There’s no need to install Lightroom from the DVD, because the downloads are all available on Adobe’s website.For LR5 and earlier, you can just download the latest update for your Lightroom version (e.g.If any plug-ins are incorrectly loaded or missing, add them again at their new locations. When you’re finished with the other machine, go to Help menu Note that these instructions are for a one-way move, for example, moving from an old computer to a new one, or reinstalling your operating system.If you want to work on multiple computers, for example, transferring between a desktop and a laptop, check back for future blog posts.

There are instructions on setting up a folder hierarchy here.To do so, select all of the photos in Grid view and press Ctrl-S (Windows) / Cmd-S (Mac).That stores your most crucial settings with the files themselves, which can be useful if you make a mistake, but the files won’t include flags, collections, virtual copy data, stacks and a variety of other information which is only stored in the catalog, so you’ll still need to follow the rest of the instructions to transfer your catalog. Install Lightroom on the new machine Once everything’s safely backed up, we’re ready to set Lightroom up on the new computer.It’s possible to upgrade Lightroom at the same time as transferring to a new computer, for example, from LR5 on the old computer to LR6 on the new one.I would, however, suggest that you do the upgrade and transfer as separate processes to minimize the risk of mistakes. Transfer the files Using Windows Explorer (Windows) / Finder (Mac), transfer the files—the catalog, the photos, preferences and so forth—and place them in the same locations as they were on the old computer.

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Moving Lightroom to a new computer can appear daunting at first, especially if you’re moving cross-platform, but rest assured, it’s straightforward as long as you follow these simple steps. Preparation – set up your folder hierarchy It’s a good idea to make sure that Lightroom’s Folders panel shows a tidy hierarchy before you back up the catalog.

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