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A total of 33 survivors lived in the camp set up outside of Atlanta, Georgia, 13 being nameless, background survivors.

They seem detached from the main cast as they have no major dialogue (except screaming when the walkers attack), and only participate during significant events, such as Rick Grimes or T-Dog radioing camp and the violent confrontations with Daryl Dixon and Jim.

These men, women, and children live in the town and perform certain duties as apart of their jobs, such as landscaping or gardening, while children attend schools.

Some men act as the town's guards and defenders, patrolling the walls.

The residents flee in terror after Rick and Maggie shoot out the lights and throw in smoke grenades in order to rescue Daryl, leaving Haley dead as she was hit by a stray bullet.

The next morning, many are seen trying to flee Woodbury, but are prevented by Caesar Martinez and the other guards.

The town is divided in two, as a group of armed residents head to the prison to attack Rick's group while a few others, mostly children and elderly, stay behind in Woodbury. The Governor stops the fleeing convoy on the road and demands everyone to go back, in which people begin to protest.

As a result, the Governor opens fire in a rage, killing everyone, including Allen and Paul, while teenager Jody was killed by Carl Grimes in the woods.

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Their uniform patches show that they are members of the 1st Cavalry Division of the U. They were all led by Brady and were murdered by The Governor's men as they led an ambush on the encampment.

See also (the only credited guardsman): National Guardsman 1, played by Dwayne Boyd For a list of background survivors, their episode appearances, and additional images, please see: Background Survivors (TV Series)/Woodbury Survivors According to Rowan, a total of 73 survivors live in the town of Woodbury, with approximately 60 of them being unnamed.

Background survivors are usually left unnamed, have no speaking roles, and are uncredited.

They are ideal for being used as redshirts, characters used to "dramatize the dangerous situation experienced by the main characters", such as the zombie attack on the camp in Season 1 Episode 4 ("Vatos") or in the prison in Season 4 Episode 2 ("Infected").

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The gunfight left five of the guards dead (including Bob Adams and Eisenberg).

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