Updating a will

Changes in your life, relationships and financial situation can mean that a once well-written Will no longer reflects how things currently stand.

New legislation can also have an impact on any Will you’ve written in the past.

If you want to make many changes to your Will, or the changes are complicated, you should make a new Will.

A codicil must refer to your Will and be clear that its purpose is to change your Will, not replace your Will. If you are feeling pressured about any aspect of your Will, you should get independent help.

For example, sometimes an elderly or vulnerable person is pressured to change their Will to benefit some family members instead of others. If you are in this situation, help is available from Seniors Rights Victoria.

However, this can lead to uncertainty, and so the inclusion of a clause is preferable.

A will can be revoked by tearing it up or otherwise destroying it provided it is with the intention of revoking the will.

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