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The database entries are in the original language of the data and were not translated.

Hand-written physical registers are often difficult to read, so the database may contain spelling variations or inaccuracies.

The British Virgin Islands are very dependent on income from tourism, which generates 45% of the national income.

These Islands are the most frequent destination for Americans.

Other incomes are related to offshore companies taking advantage of the so called tax haven.

Though the British public sector keeps bunging Microsoft ever larger sums of cash to keep up extended XP support, you can only flog the dead donkey for so long.

The Mo D insisted that it has lots of folk worrying about cyber security so there's no need to worry.

The local economy is also closely connected with the neighboring American Virgin Islands, because their currency has been the American dollar since 1959.

In terms of longevity, The Ship & Yacht Registry of the British Virgin Islands, is new, but well known and respected among owners, port state control, and regulatory bodies within the industry.

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