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Now that our local repo mirror is set up and running, we just need to update our Cent OS 7 clients to point to these repos and we'll be done.

To do this, we need to edit the systemctl enable nginx.service && systemctl enable firewalld.service # Enable services systemctl start firewalld.service # Ensure firewalld is running firewall-cmd --permanent --add-service=http firewall-cmd --reload systemctl reboot # System reboot And we're done!

It is not advisable to do either if your server is directly accessible on the internet (this one should not be), so please do so at your own risk!

In case you are curious what the difference between Cent OS Base and Cent OS Update Repos are, I didn't know either for the longest time.

The current Base Repo is a direct copy of a certain release, so it contains all the files located on the iso image you download when you download Cent OS full.

Go in to Administrative Tools and open Task Scheduler. Enter "Duck Dns Updater" in the Name field then select the Triggers tab and click New. In the new window that opened, click on ‘This PC’ on the left column and then go to C:\Users\YOUR-USERNAME and click once on the script you created before.

Set the Trigger to be Daily, starting at AM and tick the box to ' Repeat task every:' and set it to 5 minutes. Click OPEN on the bottom of the window then click OK and OK again on the Create Task window.

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Thus, I will be focusing only on Cent OS 7 with this guide.

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