Updating file author attribute with vb

Enumerated field indicating the culture that the assembly supports.An assembly can also specify culture independence, indicating that it contains the resources for the default culture.For more information, see How the Runtime Locates Assemblies. The common language runtime uses this value to perform binding operations in strong-named assemblies. Note: If this attribute is applied to an assembly, the string it specifies can be obtained at run time by using the Application. The string is also used in the path and registry key provided by the Application. You can use assembly manifest attributes to provide information in the assembly manifest, including title, description, the default alias, and configuration.

property of the collection to retrieve a particular property, either by name or by index within the collection.Both methods also return an Xml Writer object used to insert sibling nodes. Insert Before("Dim document As Xml Document = New Xml Document() document. These methods append and prepend child nodes to the end of and the beginning of the list of child nodes of the node an XPath Navigator object is currently positioned on. In certain cases you may want to populate an XML document with the contents from another XML document. The following are the possible namespace conflicts.The Insert Element After and Insert Element Before methods insert a single sibling node before and after the node an XPath Navigator object is currently positioned on using the namespace prefix, local name, namespace URI, and value specified as parameters. Load("contoso Books.xml") Dim navigator As XPath Navigator = document. Like the methods in the "Inserting Sibling Nodes" section, the Append Child and Prepend Child methods accept a , Xml Reader object, or XPath Navigator object containing the child node to add as parameters. Both the XPath Navigator class and the Xml Writer class can copy nodes to an Xml Document object from an existing Xml Reader object or XPath Navigator object. Now) Xml Reader Settings settings = new Xml Reader Settings(); settings. The methods used to insert sibling, child and attribute nodes described in the "Inserting Nodes and Values" section are overloaded.These attributes form the full name of the assembly and are required when referencing the assembly in code.You can use attributes to set an assembly's version and culture.

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The Create Attributes method returns an Xml Writer object used to insert attribute nodes. Move To Child("price", " Xml Writer attributes = navigator. Write Attribute String("discount", "1.00"); attributes. Write Attribute String("currency", "USD"); attributes. In the following example, the Set Value method is used to update all Xml Document document = new Xml Document(); document. Outer Xml) When the type of a node is a W3C XML Schema simple type, the new value inserted by the Set Typed Value method is checked against the facets of the simple type before the value is set. It is possible to have multiple XPath Navigator objects pointing to different parts of an XML document with one or more open Xml Writer objects.

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