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For complex queries like this, you must use explicit pre-filtering.

For complex queries such as queries using UNION statements, you may need to use explicit pre-filtering.

To alias an entity table name in Query Builder, right-click each table in your report, select Properties, and then enter the alias value in the form CRMAF_ prefix to enable automatic pre-filtering, Microsoft Dynamics 365 adds a parameter in the query.

The following examples illustrate how Microsoft Dynamics 365 passes queries to the parameter (P1) as per different filtering requirements.

You can also specify a different pre-filtering condition for the linked entity in the Fetch XML query by specify a different and unique name for the parameter name in the prefilterparametername property.

If you are manually modifying a Fetch-based report definition without using the Report Wizard in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 web application or SQL Server Data Tools to enable pre-filtering for primary and linked entities, make sure that you: Automatic data pre-filtering is suited for simple queries.

Unlike automatic pre-filtering, Microsoft Dynamics 365 does not rewrite the report query by passing values to the parameters during explicit pre-filtering when such a report is uploaded to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

You must explicitly make the required changes to the report by adding the pre-filtering parameter to the report, and then referencing the parameter in the query.

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