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I was then able to boot up into the firmware-update CD. They told me that a lot of 2007/2008 Mac Pro owners are having this problem, but they really don't know what to do about it rather than to instruct the people to remove the SSD drive and connect it to a Windows PC to do the firmware update. Before I do that, I'm going to open my Macbook Pro, swap out my conventional HD in it with the SSD, and see if I can update the SSD in the Macbook Pro.

However, when the firmware update CD scanned my system for the SSD drive, it came back and said that my SSD drive doesn't exist! Panasonic's premium compact DC-ZS200 (TZ200 outside of North America) boasts a 24-360mm equiv.

However, I still would like to update the f/w to 8820.

Following Intel's exact instructions, I downloaded the ISO image via Firefox instead of Safari.

c) could my mirrored RAID configuration, even if its on two non-SSD drives, be somehow impacting this? I anyone has any other ideas on what the possible problem might be, I'm all ears.

It’s faster, sleeker, lasts longer and generally is easier to maintain. There might be one little thing, however, that some owners may neglect. Since Windows 10 has been launched, a number of manufacturers have rolled out updates to their SSD firmware’s.Sometimes, manufacturers are alerted about issues only after the product has been sold to customers and sometimes it is a newer version of Windows, which may cause some issues.In any case, it’s best to stay updated with SSD firmware, especially if it’s a high-performance one which you rely on 100%. If not, go to the search box on your taskbar and type window and here you will see how many of your drives are SSDs and HDDs.I've configured the drives as follows:-Intel X25-M 80 80 gb SSD drive in optical bay 1, connected via SATA port on motherboard: used exclusively for OSX (currently 10.6.1) and Apps-Pioneer SATA optical drive in optical bay 1, connected via 2nd SATA port on motherboard-HD Bays 1 & 2: two 1 TB drives, configured in a software striped RAID via Disk Utility -HD Bay 3: 1.5 TB drive used for Time Machine -HD Bay 4: clone of OSX & Apps for backup boot My Intel SSD currently has firmware 8610.In reality, since it's primarily a read drive instead of a write drive, I haven't experienced any performance degradation.

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