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The next method is very simple method and requires you to be connected to good WIFI network or 3G network, we recommend you to follow manual method whenever possible. Open Settings app on your i Phone/i Pod Touch and i Pad 2.Now access General and software Update tab and wait for your device to check for new available update.Thanks I thought if you saved your blobs (for 10.x in this case) using these tools you could update from a previous jailbroken unit to the version you saved blobs for, even if Apple was no longer signing it. So what is the guy under0se referring to above, that on ARM7 devices you can go from 9 to 10. I tried to at least restore to latest firmware through itunes but I get error 9 all the time. thanks for sharing the tutorial after several attempts it worked and i have gave up my 10.3.3 jailbreak for the gamble that Cydia is released for 11.1.2, just another waiting game but hopefully nowhere near the time i waited on 10.3.3I am hoping someone could please help me.Like in this documents case, the person is updating to 11.1.2 (which apple is no longer signing) and only if they have their blobs saved for 11.1.2. Is there some app that works with ARM7 that does allow updates to other ios other than the current major (version 11) of ios? I can't tell exactly if the throttling would have already started if you were on 10.2.1 or higher, since there isn't much data to base it on (idk if it starts at 80.0% or 80.9% or when), but you are weeks away from it starting in the best case scenario. I have been saving my blob throughout and I have an i Phone 6s.I messed up by not launching futurerestore before putting in the command.

I also did not know till today that saving your SHSH only really buys you a possible update to a minor version in whatever major version of ios that they are still signing. Was not aware that it was only on the currently signed major version. Device doesn't boot, it appears apple logo, blue screen and connect to itunes message.Got it working for my 7 Went 10.1.1 to 11.1.2It’s a secondary device Hope I made the right move!SE is staying out 10.2 I don’t have shsh for it anyways Thanks!Download i OS 6.1.2 IPSW file respective to your i OS device. Now press shift key and click on Update button on Windows On Mac press and hold Option key and click on update button 6.Now browse and select i OS 6.1.2 IPSW file downloaded in step 1 7.

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