Updating kernel in linux mint 12

You can read more about this release in this dedicated article.Having said that, we should now move on to the upgrade part and tell you how to install Linux kernel 4.12 on Ubuntu Linux, Linux Mint, and other Ubuntu flavors and derivates. Let’s tell you about them one by one: Installing or upgrading to a new Linux kernel isn’t an easy task for a Linux beginner.You can follow the instructions given there to install Ukuu on your machine.After doing that, launch Ukuu GUI by running the following command: The next step involves choosing the right Linux kernel after Ukuu window populates all the available Linux kernels. As shown below, you’ll spot the stable Linux kernel 4.12.

Windows also has its own kernel that its operating systems use, but Linux is highly modular and therefore the kernel is more commonly discussed as a lot can be done with it.

There is a chance a new kernel may have support for your new device.

This is why it's critical and important to update your Linux Mint kernel from time to time.

In terms of commits and lines of code added, kernel 4.12 is a pretty big release.

As a result, the total number of lines of code in Linux kernel is now 24.2 million.

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