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The Timeline series of Acer's Aspire's are known for requiring a BIOS update to properly recognize the battery so it's a fix that he does have to perform also, otherwise we'd be recommending against updating the BIOS. It's just making sure that your thumb drive has a single partition (Some have multiple for pre-installed software that comes with the drive).My notebook (Acer Aspire 4710) has problems with shutdown and restart process.When I uninstalled Crystal Eye driver from device manager, shutdown problem was solved and I can shutdown my Acer notebook smoothly.But my notebook still has restart problem, it's always failed. Wait until it finish and your computer will restart automatically.In BIOS I can see both drives, but when I try to boot from the SSD (or HDD, not sure what I was hoping for but still tried), it only goes to a same black screen and Start PXE message.

Maybe DRIVERS for bios is windows based, but bios loads before a drive is booted to mount an OS.

Obviously in some cases you can revert to old bios settings if an update messes something up.

But first and foremost I'd have to say that advice is correct, these updates are made to apply through windows.

In most cases those users COULD boot into Windows just by rearranging the boot priority, but . I managed to make a bootable usb drive so I could look at the SSD closely and I found out, that the system was there (At first I got scared that somehow, my ssd got formatted, but this was kinda relief), so I went to the BIOS again and switched UEFI to Legacy Mode (and also turned the Secure Boot off - dunno Why I did that, somebody somewhere posted that it could help as well).

I have an SSD 128GB drive with my OS and a 1TB HDD. This solved the problem as it boots normally ever since.

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Being that way, you'd have to format a flash drive by mounting it first, so that the file type could fit onto the floppy.

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