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Then you tell it which files to process - that's it! By turning off the screen updating your macros will run much faster.I was having similar external link issues in excel 2016. No such link could be found and various tools- Kutools, Formula Desk etc did find nothing.I have tried various methods but finally succeeded by data validation tab under data tab. Finally- I solved the problem by opening the xlsx file as zip xml and deleting the folder dealing with external links (if you want more details- ask me).This may sounds like a brute force method, but it's the best way I've come up with.(I discovered this page when I had the same question myself an hour ago...Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

Only afterward was I able to successfully break the link in the "Connections" Group. The one that is causing you the issue should stand out as it won't be highlighted/selected. Formula1, ".xl") I had an Excel file that when opened displayed a message regarding a missing external link.

It also copes with the largest variety of problem documents of any tool, ranging from password protected and corrupted documents to Share Point locked documents.

To use Excel Pipe, you simply add a list of search/replace pairs, and for each one, specify where in the spreadsheet it should be found.

Excel Pipe is designed as a hands-off tool requiring next to no user intervention, as you would expect for migrating large numbers of files.

It copes with a myriad range of Microsoft Excel bugs, such as restarting Microsoft Excel to avoid memory errors.

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