Updating mini cooper onboard navigation system

I just had my navi updated with the latest 2012 version, so I'm told... Is there a way to verify and confirm that they actually installed the 2012 version, as mine had to be downloaded? (I guess my rating may also depend on what feedback I receive...)Is there a version number and/or year on your disk?

All that I can confirm is that the new town center nearest my house (3yrs new) is unknown to my upgraded navi..what did I actually get charged a couple hundred dollars for? If so, I'd suggest you contact your dealer's parts department (or perhaps another dealer elsewhere if you don't trust them) and ask what the newest current version is to compare.

This FSC code is obtainable from your dealer, based on your car's VIN number.

So, in order to install the maps, first you must turn on your engine. You should also know that the entire operation will take a couple of hours (less if you're using USB drives) so make sure you have enough gas in the tank.

From here on you'll just have to wait for the disc to be copied.

This will take a couple of hours but you will need to come back in the mean time to introduce the next disc. These can be provided by the dealership or you can copy the contest of your DVDs on USB devices using a PC or Mac.

If you still do not see the new features, you can submit new street and road information to NAVTEQ using their Map Reporter at

Unfortunately, Lexus and Toyota updates are not available online in North America. We have provided a link on the Lexus and Toyota specific page to find your closest dealer.

In order to do so, you'll first need the DVD set from your local BMW dealership and an FSC code that allows you to install them.Staying on top if your updates can keep you safe and save you money.Thank you for shopping for your navigation updates and keeping your vehicle up to date.Some auto analysts say 00 is the most you can justify for first-class onboard navigation and sooner or later that may be the most, not least you’ll pay for the superiority of built-in navigation.There’s increasing sentiment within the industry that you are indeed getting ripped off today buying navigation systems. Thilo Koslowski, a VP of the Gartner Industry Advisory Service Manufacturing group, says “[Onboard navigation] could be under 00 and still be a healthy value proposition” for both automakers and buyers.

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