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Example 4-9 Extracting XML Data with EXTRACTVALUE, and Inserting It into a Table This example extracts data from an XML purchase-order document, and inserts it into a relational table using SQL function CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE insert Purchase Order(Purchase Order XMLType) AS reference VARCHAR2(28); BEGIN INSERT INTO purchaseorder_table (reference, requestor, actions, userid, costcenter, shiptoname, address, phone, rejectedby, daterejected, comments, specialinstructions) VALUES (extract Value(Purchase Order, '/Purchase Order/Reference'), extract Value(Purchase Order, '/Purchase Order/Requestor'), extract(Purchase Order, '/Purchase Order/Actions'), extract Value(Purchase Order, '/Purchase Order/User'), extract Value(Purchase Order, '/Purchase Order/Cost Center'), extract Value(Purchase Order, '/Purchase Order/Shipping Instructions/name'), extract Value(Purchase Order, '/Purchase Order/Shipping Instructions/address'), extract Value(Purchase Order, '/Purchase Order/Shipping Instructions/telephone'), extract Value(Purchase Order, '/Purchase Order/Rejection/User'), extract Value(Purchase Order, '/Purchase Order/Rejection/Date'), extract Value(Purchase Order, '/Purchase Order/Rejection/Comments'), extract Value(Purchase Order, '/Purchase Order/Special Instructions')) RETURNING reference INTO reference; INSERT INTO purchaseorder_lineitem (reference, lineno, upc, description, quantity, unitprice) SELECT reference, extract Value(value(li), '/Line Item/@Item Number'), extract Value(value(li), '/Line Item/Part/@Id'), extract Value(value(li), '/Line Item/Description'), extract Value(value(li), '/Line Item/Part/@Quantity'), extract Value(value(li), '/Line Item/Part/@Unit Price') FROM table(XMLSequence(extract(Purchase Order, '/Purchase Order/Line Items/Line Item'))) li; END;/ Procedure created.SELECT reference, userid, shiptoname, specialinstructions FROM purchaseorder_table; REFERENCE USERID SHIPTONAME SPECIALINSTRUCTIONS -------------------------------- -------- ------------------------------------------------ ------------------- SBELL-2002100912333601PDT SBELL Sarah J. SELECT reference, lineno, upc, description, quantity FROM purchaseorder_lineitem; REFERENCE LINENO UPC DESCRIPTION QUANTITY ------------------------- ------ ------------ ---------------------------------- -------- SBELL-2002100912333601PDT 1 715515009058 A Night to Remember 2 SBELL-2002100912333601PDT 2 37429140222 The Unbearable Lightness Of Being 2 SBELL-2002100912333601PDT 3 715515011020 Sisters 4 3 rows selected.The XPath language is a W3C Recommendation for navigating XML documents. It provides a rich set of operations that walk this tree and apply predicates and node-test functions.

CREATE TABLE purchaseorder_lineitem (reference, FOREIGN KEY ("REFERENCE") REFERENCES "PURCHASEORDER_TABLE" ("REFERENCE") ON DELETE CASCADE, lineno NUMBER(10), PRIMARY KEY ("reference", "lineno"), upc VARCHAR2(14), description VARCHAR2(128), quantity NUMBER(10), unitprice NUMBER(12,2)); Table created.

Each of these functions applies an XPath-expression argument to input XML data and returns a modified to modify database data.

Each of these functions can be used on XML documents that are either schema-based or non-schema-based.

If the proper return type cannot be determined, then Oracle XML DB returns a SELECT extract Value(OBJECT_VALUE, '/Purchase Order/Reference') "REFERENCE" FROM purchaseorder WHERE exists Node(OBJECT_VALUE, '/Purchase Order[Special Instructions="Expedite"]') = 1; REFERENCE ------------------------------------------------------------ AMCEWEN-20021009123336271PDT SKING-20021009123336321PDT AWALSH-20021009123337303PDT JCHEN-20021009123337123PDT AWALSH-20021009123336642PDT SKING-20021009123336622PDT SKING-20021009123336822PDT AWALSH-20021009123336101PDT WSMITH-20021009123336412PDT AWALSH-20021009123337954PDT SKING-20021009123338294PDT WSMITH-20021009123338154PDT TFOX-20021009123337463PDT 13 rows selected.

INSERT INTO purchaseorder VALUES (XMLType(bfilename('XMLDIR', 'SMCCAIN-2002091213000000PDT.xml'), nls_charset_id('AL32UTF8'))); 1 row created.

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