Updating norton disks

On Norton Security, go to Settings / Antivirus / Scans and Risks / Full System Scans / Configure /Edit Scan / and click do not run this scan.

Not quite what this thread was about, @Hradcany, but pretty much common knowledge I think (glad you figured it out, though).

In my installation it uses only 8.5GB on the C partition and less than 500MB of RAM.

I am sure that willl grow somewhat with the RTM edition, but it is a good start.

All mine were A battery usage report will help you know more about the usage, health, and life estimates characteristics of your PC's battery over the lifetime of the system.Hello Vitalik93 This forum topic: "SDSDefs problem with Norton Security" may be the same or similar Norton housekeeping problem. Now I understand why bjm_ have nothing about Norton size in Control Panel also... I didn't modify my system last two days (didn't install any updates or something like that).The various ways to clean up the mess are in the discussion: https://community.norton.com/en/forums/sdsdefs-problem-norton-security from un-install-re-install or manually remove orphaned data that the product formerly used but had been updated. Can you say please, is it possible now to install 22.8 without upgrading from 22.7? Team Viewer, Win Rar and Experiense was with size info before reinstallation. Also I've asked other users about this issue and they have size info for Experiene for example. Today I did reinstall with Unistall Tool again and all sizes in Control Panel appeared (including for Norton).I've also modified the page file to be a constant 16GB (my RAM size) instead of variable. It happens at random while I'm using my machine; not just at boot-up.I still get a 100% HDD spike every 5-10 minutes; nothing on the task manager is being shown as using more than 0.1 MB/s of HDD access. I've updated my firmware on my SSD (Crucial Real SSD C300 256GB) and I'll see if it happens again tonight when I get home from work.

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I had some problems with it in 8.1, so this issue is technically a continued one.

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