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For more information about how to prestage content files, see the Prestage Content section in the Operations and Maintenance for Content Management in Configuration Manager topic.Warning Beginning with System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP2, you can manage the behavior for high-risk task sequence deployments.The build and capture task sequence is run on a reference computer where the task sequence creates an operating system image that is based on a set of operating system source files.The operating system image can then be deployed by a deployment task sequence that includes the Apply Operating System Image step.- **Capture network settings**: Specify whether the task sequence captures network settings from the destination computer.You can capture the membership of the domain or workgroup in addition to the network adapter settings.

You can define custom task sequence variables for computers and collections.

The Task Sequence node, including any subfolders that you create, is replicated throughout the Configuration Manager hierarchy.

This type of task sequence is referred to as a build and capture task sequence.

Variables that are defined for a computer are referred to as per-computer task sequence variables.

Variables defined for a collection are referred to as per-collection task sequence variables.

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