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Updating your GPP unlocked i Phone into its latest version comes with a wide variety of new features and also, problems.

That said, you should also consider what device you’re using.

Unless, of course, Apple expressly denotes that it’s a serious security patch and you have the extra money to buy the latest GPP chip available on the market or seek for a service that will unlock your i Phone permanently.

Devices that have been released after the i Phone 4 cannot benefit from a software unlock.

GPP is a SIM spoofing tool that is inserted into a carrier locked phone along with your local SIM in order to bypass the carrier restrictions and can be used on local networks. As of this writing, 11.2.5 is in beta testing and should be released in the near future as the common complaint of reduced battery performance seems to have cropped up, as it has with many past versions. Apple is also updating and restricting ICCID which is a unique number assigned to a SIM card on your i Phone, prompting your device to be activated again.

However, this SIM tool usually has limitations such as no LTE support and firmware compatibility, meaning if i OS updates to the latest version, the tool might not work. Good thing is, that the latest GPP chip available on the market nowadays offers a feature where you can manually edit the ICCID so that it will still work on future i OS updates.

i OS 11, which is the most recent major update, was released on Sept. He has yet to encounter any major problems during his first two months, as his i Phone 8 Plus’ hardware still works well with the latest updates.

It is a hit or miss whether the GPP chip you’re using will still work as the update may contain a fix that will prevent you to continue using your local SIM card.

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