Updating the assembly version direct vs indirect dating archaeology

The following script updates the assembly version, in the (shared) Assembly Info before the actual build command is executed.

When the build is ready, the change to the Assembly Info is undone.

The runtime distinguishes between regular and strong-named assemblies for the purposes of versioning.

Version checking only occurs with strong-named assemblies.

For information about specifying version binding policies, see Configuring Apps.

For information about how the runtime uses version information to find a particular assembly, see How the Runtime Locates Assemblies.

The default version policy for the runtime is that applications run only with the versions they were built and tested with, unless overridden by explicit version policy in configuration files (the application configuration file, the publisher policy file, and the computer's administrator configuration file). Resolving an assembly binding request For more information about configuring applications, see Configuring Apps.

For more information about binding policy, see How the Runtime Locates Assemblies.

// Version information for an assembly consists of the following four values: // // Major Version // Minor Version // Build Number // Revision // // You can specify all the values or you can default the Build and Revision Numbers // by using the '*' as shown below: // [assembly: Assembly Version("1.0.*")] Svn Info Event Args info; Uri repo URI = new Uri("Server Address"); svn Client. Revision))] I am assuming that you are trying to generate some build system here - so essentially, you need to modify Assembly file with svn number. File Version)] [assembly: Assembly File Version(Version My [email protected] product.vendor=My Company Corp product= service= sdk= You'll need to do this during your build process.

Alternatively, if you're using Team City for continuous integration (CI), it has an "Assembly Info patcher" build feature.

I guess that most other CI systems will have something similar.

When an assembly is built, the development tool records dependency information for each assembly that is referenced in the assembly manifest.

The runtime uses these version numbers, in conjunction with configuration information set by an administrator, an application, or a publisher, to load the proper version of a referenced assembly.

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