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For example: There are two methods to run the encryption command to encrypt all drives on the virtual machine.The first method is to type the following command in the Power Shell ISE console: Set-Azure Rm VMDisk Encryption Extension -Resource Group Name $resource Group Name -VMName $vm Name -Aad Client ID $aad Client ID -Aad Client Secret $aad Client Secret -Disk Encryption Key Vault Url $disk Encryption Key Vault Url -Disk Encryption Key Vault Id $key Vault Resource Id -Volume Type All After typing this command press ENTER.To confirm that the correct VM name was entered, type: $vm Name Press ENTER.You should see the name of the virtual machine you want to encrypt.All of the portfolio simulation functions are available in English, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Polish, Mandarin Chinese, Greek, and Czech. You can set up a practice portfolio in over 50 currencies, and trade global stocks, currencies, and commodities.Build and manage your portfolio, practice global investing, all absolutely free!Set Up A Class Investment clubs from Seeking Alpha have been using VSE to run global stock games for years, add your investment club too!Get amazing results by working with best virtual assistants, writers, graphic designers,bookkeepers, programmers and other industry pros, who have been carefully selected, vetted, trained and work under team leads & supervisors.

This document assumes you are using Windows 10 as the client machine from which you will configure Azure Disk Encryption.Get Started Now A global stock market game is a great way to bring the world to your classroom!Teach your students about differences around the world, how currencies interact, and how commodities move between countries!However, if your virtual machine is not in the same Resource Group as your Key Vault, you will need to enter the following in the console in the Power Shell ISE: $resource Group Name = with the name of the Resource Group in which your virtual machines are contained, surrounded by a single quote. To confirm that the correct Resource Group name was entered, type the following in the Power Shell ISE console: $resource Group Name Press ENTER.You should see the name of Resource Group that your virtual machines are located in.

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Regardless of the method you use, a dialog box will appear informing you that it will take 10-15 minutes for the operation to complete. While the encryption process is taking place, you can return to the Azure Portal and see the status of the virtual machine.

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