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One of many outfits worn by Rikku as she hunted for treasure and thwarted evildoers!

She founded the Gullwings with Brother, and though the originally set out to hunt spheres, they soon discovered a sphere with images of a man who bore an uncanny resemblance to Tidus.

Time stands still in Valhalla, and so she appeared as she did on the Day of Ragnarok, frozen at the age of 21.

This site contains research, references images and other information regarding the costumes from the Broadway musical Wicked to help you with making your own Wicked costumes. A few pictures from the Dutch production of Wicked have surfaced!! The costumes look very very similar to the German production costumes.

Krile shows boundless compassion for people and animals, great or small.

Her ability to communicate with moogles and drakes proves vital on the quest to protect the crystals.

It has a lot of what we saw already (posted below) but had a few new things or new angles of pictures we already have.

Rikku showed Yuna the sphere and convinced her to join the Gullwings, kicking off the next chapter in their adventures.

As a knight of the goddess Etro, Lightning gained new powers, allowing her to command eidolons and beasts from Valhalla.

I also have lots of other great info to add when I get the chance, I have been sick so didn't have time for a while to update but should have lots of time now! I made a page for the Denmark and Finland productions under Research as well as split up the Bubble Dresses into separate pages because there were too many sections on the Bubble page and I thought it was getting to be too much.

A lot of great stuff was added so check everything out.

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