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Pathological slow phases may be due to either an imbalance in the vestibular system or damage to the brainstem "neural integrator" that normally holds the eyes in place.On the other hand, opsoclonus or ocular flutter are composed purely of fast-phase saccadic eye movements.The peak angular speed of the eye during a saccade reaches up to 900°/s in humans; in some monkeys, peak speed can reach 1000°/s.Saccades to an unexpected stimulus normally take about 200 milliseconds (ms) to initiate, and then last from about 20–200 ms, depending on their amplitude (20–30 ms is typical in language reading).In this case the categorization is binary: Either a given saccade is an express saccade or it is not.The latency cut-off is approximately ~200ms; any longer than this is outside the express saccade range.Use the talk page when you are not sure or when you want to suggest a change.Any time that people work together, it is important to make rules that they should agree to follow.

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For example, ADHD is characterized by an increase of antisaccade errors and an increase in delays for visually guided saccade.

When the brain is led to believe that the saccades it is generating are too large or too small (by an experimental manipulation in which a saccade-target steps backward or forward contingent on the eye movement made to acquire it), saccade amplitude gradually decreases (or increases), an adaptation (also termed gain adaptation) widely seen as a simple form of motor learning, possibly driven by an effort to correct visual error.

The amplitude of a saccade is the angular distance the eye travels during the movement.

For amplitudes up to 15 or 20°, the velocity of a saccade linearly depends on the amplitude (the so-called saccadic main sequence, The high peak velocities and the main sequence relationship can also be used to distinguish micro-/saccades from other eye movements like (ocular tremor, ocular drift and smooth pursuit).

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Velocity-based algorithms are a common approach for saccade detection in eye tracking.

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