Updating xbox360 firmware

Some Xbox 360 owners are finding a "disk unreadable" or "disk unsupported" error after updating their consoles with the most recent update, where the only fix is to have their consoles replaced, according to his DVD drive failed and could no longer load his games.His 360 60GB Pro was bought in 2009 and has a Lite On DVD drive.

To elaborate, that means downloaded Xbox Live and Arcade games, DLC, other associated game files, and even installed disc-based games can be saved to an external HDD of your choosing.

The documents further elaborate that the storage device itself must be 1GB or more; a system partition of 512MB is required, and by default beyond that the consumer partition (i.e.

your games and the like) will occupy the remainder of the drive or 16GB, whichever is smaller -- and unfortunately, that's as much as you're gonna get.

A new firmware update for Microsoft's Xbox 360 that will allow it to read higher capacity discs doesn't work on every console, it has emerged.

Some older models aren't able to get their little silicon brains around the new format.

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My Xbox 360 is death since the last update that changes the way 360s read game discs. As for the update it wouldn't have caused the issue. If you're running a Samsung drive then there's a chance it could be the cause but there are very few Samsung-based 360s anymore.

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