Updating your video card

You should exhaust the easy software solutions before guessing that you have bad hardware.It's also a good idea to open up your computer and make sure all the fans are working.If you see artifacts during the power-up screens before your operating system loads then you know it has nothing to do with drivers. If you're seeing visual artifacts in just one program then it may be a software problem with that program.But if you have artifacts in many programs then you may have a driver problem or bad hardware.You can often get an idea of which is causing the problem by looking carefully at the artifacts.If your artifacts are covering the entire screen and involve color shifts or slight position shifts, then the problem may be caused by your monitor.

That can result in images which are largely correct but still have some small flaws. They are used by the video card to store copies of the final screen image or intermediate versions of the screen image which are still being drawn.If the screenshot looks fine on another computer but the screen looked bad on your monitor then the problem could either be a problem with your monitor or with the video output circuitry of your video card.Most of the time it's the monitor rather than the video output circuitry.If the artifacts go away then you know that you have an overheating problem.Another thing you can try to reduce artifacts is to underclock your video card.

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The overclock may work properly at first and then artifacts only start showing up weeks or months later after the chips have been sufficiently damaged.

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