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In May, Super A is in Berlin and celebrates its very own world premiere, because […] From 20th to the 30th of April the canadian artist Young Jarus conjures up one of his lifelike portraits on a part of the facade of the house at Wassertorstraße 65.On the first two days there will be a crossover with the argentinean street art artist Francisco Bosoletti, who has been working since 14th of April on the same façade with one of his famous art works and then hands over the artwork baton to Young Jarus. Bharatmatrimony and have been the testimonial to this process.But still today, almost most of these matchmaking sessions happen offline.This westernized dating concept doesn’t seem to work in India considering the various diversities we have prevalent here.

From the 19th to the 22th of June more than 150 leading visionaries from music, art, tech and science gather at TOA to discuss and debate the future of technology and its impact on business and life. From the middle to the end of May, the British street art and graffiti artist will create a unique sculpture every day in front of the visitors to the museum.

URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART is an international institution for art, creative projects and social exchange. Dutch artist Super A never falls short of baffling the spectator with his highy metaphoric scenarios rendered in a supreme (hyper)realist style.

Since September 2017 URBAN NATION shows under the leitmotif "Connect. Often his works resemble a Pandora’s box giving rise to an endlessly detailed flood of visual references How he came up with the idea for the motif for the façade and what else […] This work takes direct inspiration from the architectonical structure on which it’s located and it’s inserted in the “Unity” concept proposed by Urban Nation for its curatorial project.

This traditional process is no more the way young India wants to go forward with.

Indian youth wants to spend considerable time with their to-be-partner understanding each other and finding that connection.

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