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Paranoid people see and hear those responses through their own filters and become convinced that others view them the same way that they view themselves: inadequate and unworthy.

People dominated by paranoia look outward toward others to validate their worth rather than upward toward God.

King Saul is an example of someone who let paranoia take over his life.

When Saul realized that young David had captured the hearts of the people of Israel, he became angry and began to keep a suspicious eye on him (1 Samuel 18:6–9).

When we remove the psychiatric label, paranoia is simply self-centered fear, and the Bible has much to say about that (Joshua 1:9; Luke 12:7).

Fear is the brooding suspicion that God will not be enough for what we are facing, that He has forgotten us, or that He may even be against us.

This can make healthy relationships virtually impossible for a paranoid person.

The cure for non-pathological paranoia is total surrender to the Holy Spirit (Ephesians ).

Paranoia as a psychological disorder should be treated with medication and therapy.When we nurture bitterness, hatred, or other sin, it is like going to bed and leaving the front door open all night. While not all physical or mental illnesses are due to sin (John 9:2–3; Luke ), some conditions such as paranoia can have roots in our ongoing disobedience or in some past experience not fully processed. Working with a biblical counselor to discover those roots can help a person who suffers from paranoia overcome it. When fear is coupled with self-focus, we become paranoid.We doubt our own value and may begin to screen the responses of others for negativity toward us.

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