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Web Logic Server includes numerous Authentication security providers.Most of them work in similar fashion: given a username and password credential pair, the provider attempts to find a corresponding user in the provider's data store.The attribute represents the issuer, that is, the security token service (STS) that issued the token.It is important to validate the issuer when you receive a token.

The federation metadata includes the URL that is Azure AD uses for single sign-in and single sign-out in WS-Federation protocol.These Authentication providers differ primarily in what they use as a data store: one of many available LDAP servers, a SQL database, or other data store.In addition to these username/password based security providers, Web Logic Server includes identity assertion Authentication providers, which use certificates or security tokens, rather than username/password pairs, as credentials.The following sections describe how to configure the Authentication security providers supplied by Web Logic Server.Authentication is the process whereby the identity of users and system processes are proved or verified.

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