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Some isotopes are unstable, and over time these isotopes “decay” into isotopes of other elements.

So, if we find a rock with equal parts Potassium-40 and Argon-40, we know that half the Potassium-40 has decayed into Argon-40, and that the rock hardened 1.3 billion years ago.

As time passes, a rock will have more and more Argon-40 and less and less Potassium-40.

Radiometric dating is possible because this decay occurs at a known rate, called the “half-life” of the radioactive element.

These methods are largely independent of each other, based on separate observations and arguments, yet all point to a history much longer than 10,000 years.

As Christians, we believe that God created the world and that the world declares his glory, so we can’t ignore what nature is telling us about its history.

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