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Ring recommends moving your router if feasible, and that's got to be preferable to drilling extra holes in your external walls, but for some folks, that's not always going to be possible.You can also optionally buy the Ring Chime Pro, a plug-based bell that also acts as a Wi-Fi range extender to help you.You can sign up for a loyalty rewards membership with Uncut DVDs to earn Loyalty Rewards Points that can go towards further money off your purchases, and present you with a free gift on all orders over 0.Quick Verdict Ring's second generation video doorbell is easy to install and keep charged, and is one of the simplest home security solutions we've tested, although it is worth checking your home broadband speed before purchasing.The Ring Video Doorbell's design is essentially utilitarian, with a rather obvious camera module set above a large friendly button that acts as the doorbell switch.Just in case your visitors (unwanted or not) aren't sure what to do, the product branding is situated just below, letting them know that they need to ring the bell by pressing the button.The one thing that the Ring Video Doorbell 2's design isn't is subtle.That has some impact if you're viewing it as more of a security measure than a simple greeting one because it'll be immediately apparent to any visitor as to its function.

If you're not that DIY-minded you might be a tad apprehensive.

Either will pair with the Ring Video Doorbell 2 for bell-based duty and without it, your phone is the only thing that will actually ring.

Wi-Fi reception is an incredibly variable creature, and my own tests with the Chime Pro didn't entirely endear it to me as an improvement on my existing mesh Wi-Fi network.

That's probably an apt description of me, frankly, but Ring's documentation and tutorial videos really do cover what you need to do easily and without making you feel stupid along the way.

It's a bit of a masterclass on how to make tech products simple for the layman, and that's no bad thing.

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