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In a side-by-side comparison, the Escort Passport IX looks and performs very nearly as well as the top rated Escort Max 360c.Both feature high-end performance in both highway and city settings.While it didn't quite have the range of the Valentine One and the Escort Red Line EX, the range was more than enough to provide you with ample time to adjust your driving habits.For example, in the straight-ahead test where the radar gun was pointed straight down the road, it detected the radar two miles away.The faster you drive, the more alerts you get, which heightens your awareness and makes you a safer driver.The Uniden DFR7 certainly isn't the best performing radar detector and it's not the easiest detector to use, but it's performance stands out among radar detectors under 0.In the highway tests, this detector received an A- for performance.

Both settings use the GPS to automatically adjust the sensitivity as you drive.The faster you drive, the more sensitive the sensors.This provides a city driving experience that finely balances the alerts according to your driving habits.It’s exceptionally easy to use for novices and comes with a bevy of features, such as over-speed alert and directional alerts, that are designed to encourage safe, aware driving.At nearly 0, the Escort Max 360c is not cheap, but the sophisticated balance of long-range sensitivity and effective use of GPS make it the most effective radar detector I've reviewed.

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