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I notice see is just staring at my cock that is just hanging there, I hear her ask me are you circumcised because John wasn't and she only got to see the had of his cock when he had a hard-on, I said yes that my parents had it done when I was a baby and that I am glad as it is easier to look after.I start to get dressed now and ask if she is going to tell my wife, she replies that she is going to.As I am getting dressed I am pleading with her that I did as she said and please not to tell, Kim's just looks at me and says I should have thought of that before filming her and then leaves.As Kim leaves I am thinking about what the hell I am going to say to my wife, the next few days are hell with me always thinking when is Kim going to tell my wife.Enjoy the hottest teen voyeur movies now and check out the hottest babes.

I said yes to both hoping this was the right answer.

After dinner the kids were put to bed and the three adults sat around watching Tv, Kim asked if she could have a shower before bed and I said yes but could I brush my teeth before hand, this was only so I could go and start the camera filming.

I then went in afterwards and removed the camera thinking that the kids might find it.

The following week Kim's rings and asks if I have the video still and if anyone else has seen it or if I have put it on the internet.

I tell her I have still got it and I would never show anyone or put it on the web and why is she asking.

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