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He'll shower you with attention at first, and then become hot and cold.

Narcissists can be highly complimentary or solicitous early on.

He takes advantage of, and exploits other people.7. He gets jealous of other people and believes they are jealous of them.9.

He's arrogant and he displays self-important, condescending, behaviors.1.

Using coercion is a major warning sign that someone might be sexually abusive.

It also shows that they don’t care about YOUR pleasure, comfort levels, and boundaries.If he believes he's being wronged in some way — or if someone doesn't believe in him —he'll try several different strategies in order to avoid the experience of loss.Talk to an expert So, what do you do if you find yourself dating a narcissist?Expecting someone to have sex just because you’re in a relationship or dating or you went home with them after a date creates a false narrative about the role sex should play in a relationship.Coercing a partner is an attempt to get power and ownership over their partner's body.

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