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The South Korean entertainment industry does not ignore people behind the scenes.

Unlike other countries, in South Korea, directors, writers, composers, and other production staff are deemed as important as the actors and they earn a considerable amount of money.“Rather than taking an easy route, taking a difficult route is more satisfying and interesting.

My agency told me that they had informed the festival that it would be impossible to arrive at that time."Apart from denying that he had been late without notice, the rapper stated that he was unaware that there were fans waiting just for his performance and that because of his absence, the festival had come to a temporary halt.

He said, "I deeply regret that I wasn't able to perform my whole set for those who just wanted to enjoy the performance regardless of the situation and had to wait.

If you read until the end, thank you."San E continued, "I want to start off by apologizing to the audience who were waiting out in the cold.

According to my agency (Brand New Music), they had already informed the reps of Owl Festival that because of a performance before, I would be able to arrive by 12 AM. And to confirm, my agency reminded them again two days prior [to the festival date] that I would be arriving by 12 AM and asked if there were any issues with it.

When all that is done, you'll probably smile and say, ‘I lived a very fun life.'” - Minzy of 2NE1”A recent online post has been published criticizing rapper San E and his manager for their ill-mannered behavior.

And when I arrived [at the festival], I signed autographs and took pictures with the people inside just like any other time.

If I had known that there were so many people waiting just for me, I would have canceled the DJ set and would have gone on stage with MR.

No matter how many times I think about it, if I knew [how people were waiting], with my personality, I would have just gone up."He continued, “I'm sure everyone would be the same, but I also take the stage seriously every time I perform.

But even when I thought about it, PM seemed impossible. To think that the agency had irrationally cut down one hour [of traveling time]......

I called my agency multiple times to see if there had been any miscommunication.

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These film festivals are aimed at different markets but all focused on introducing new films and first-time directors to audiences.

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