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That monster is determined to suck you into his or her own personal, self-esteem issues (a.k.a. It is an ego-gone-wild, trying to right some wrong that you need to see contextually with its origins rooted in the past.Drama persons thrive on attention, but that’s because they learned to feel invisible and unimportant. They are merely trying to convince themselves, by trying to convince you, that they matter.Society has become so isolating and bullying that those who are not able to cope are knocked down further by those who feel they are so perfect and civilized. We all respond differently to stressors and we all need help. Your article fosters narcissism and superiority complexes. On hindsight, he had really, really tried to get his hidden message across.

They are not and should not be made to feel that they are more abnormal than they already feel. Until I was able to see his little games for what they really stand for, I could not see light and felt rejected, lonely, and yes, demeaned. I am a rational person and therefore he has had to put in a lot of subtle work before I react.

So for the purposes of this piece, we’ll be talking, “drama persons.” From there the issue is, what do you do when one crosses your path?

The easy answer is, —you feed a monster who is trapped in a time warp, but escapes every so often.

Instead, there are two little boys, 4 and 6 who live every day with trying to deal with a drama queen mother who never had any treatment, support,or acknowledgement as she was growing up.

Thank God, with Dialactical Behavior Therapy skills she is finding a new path, I think it's harder now than it would have been at 12.

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