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The fetish chat live photos themselves are the real draw of the site, and some of them get some really good use of the settings and lighting, and the girls are no slouches when it comes to finding some hot poses.

What put me off the most was the lack of dates ‘ this missing information means that I can’t tell when the site is updated at all.The latina babes are hot, but admittedly there are way hotter chicks on 8th Street Latinas.However, whether you join Saturday Night Latinas or 8th Street Latinas, you get access to the entire Reality Kings Archive. The member’s area of latin chat is really simple to follow.With a strong resemblance to homemade music videos paired with heavy, distorted Speed Metal/Industrial soundtracks (provided by bands such as the legendary Ministry) we’re only really given a small’dose of the free fetish chat room girls’firing off’round after round, rolling around in the’dirt, or fighting with bad guys in one typical warzone set-up or another’but, they’re naked!For those with extra patience, each gal’s clips are somehow tied together under the premise of episodic storylines, as others find them hosing down sports cars (and themselves), riding atop military vehicles and posing like they would were they being filmed for Playboy video centerfolds.

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