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The actor is coming to the end of a six-month stint filming the bilingual detective series, known as (it translates as “the gloaming”) in its native country.The show is filmed in both Welsh and English, giving the actors double the usual workload.I realised, with the film coming out, that it was going to get crazier, so I took off for two years. But I really like the indigenous American black bears. They get in people’s faces and like causing bother, but there’s no real malice in them either.I went to Amsterdam and got a flat by a canal and lived there quietly. People thought I’d be in LA or New York, but I was just hanging out in Dunfermline shopping centre with the ‘young team’, getting a swig of cider from the young guys and chatting to them. Before, it was about being young and stupid and enjoying having a tear, but post-Trainspotting it was about having the money to be really decadent and really go for it. We got chatting about boxing, about the fights between Roberto Duran from Panama and Scottish boxer Ken Buchanan. But I was thinking, “I’ve got to get out of here because every one of these guys is packing a shooter.” I waited until they got drunker, then I slipped out. Globalisation has wrecked it a bit and getting older has wrecked it a bit too, because in the past, I could sleep anywhere, on the road, on a park bench. They won’t attack, unless you get between a mother and her cub. I’ve been on safari in South Africa and saw lions, hippos, stuff like that.There are three different versions: an all-Welsh one (the third series of which aired on S4C in November), a bilingual version (which this interview is in aid of) and an all-English edition for the international audience.

We’re largely formed by our childhood and young adult experiences.

The show, made by Cardiff-based Fiction Factory, has been sold to more than 150 territories, including runs on Netflix and free-to-air television in North America, where it bagged a top TV award last year.

This is, in part, thanks to the tri-format catering for a broad audience.

When we got to the outskirts of Phoenix, I jumped out.

I’ve never been so glad to see a dull, bland suburb.

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  1. 3) I promise you would not be bored from start to finish (every episode was intense) and i assure you will feel a range of emotions (one episode you are laughing uncontrollably and the next episode you feel teary ) I've watched several high-rated and popular Kdrama starting from Goblin to "Legend of the Blue Sea" to "Father is Strange", Money Flower, My Golden Life, etc. Hmm I'm a fan of both protagonists but I find no chemistry between them. The story line was promosing at first and pretty smart until they ruined it by adding one more person whom can foresee the future as well but somehow his dreams were different from Hong Joo's (I know he played a crucial role which helped the main characters a lot) ofc Hae In's acting was okay but I don't think it's necessary to make him had that ability too.