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See, however, and also, The subjectivity of editing fiction Thinking Fiction: First-Novel Flubs and Follies (Carolyn Haley, An American Editor, 2-1-16) The twelve most common craft problems of beginner-novelists. Albertalli totaled 12 sensitivity reads for her second novel on issues of LGBTQ, black, Korean American, anxiety, obesity, and Jewish representation.

Haley's references: Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, plus Garner's Modern American Usage (Modern English Usage in in its latest edition -- a wonderful reference for writers, too).

Thinking Fiction: Indie-Editor House Style, Part Two The Author Factor (Haley, 2-16-18) Examples of why, when, and how to apply house style vis--vis author variables Thinking Fiction: Indie-Editor House Style, Part Three Themes and Variations (Haley, 4-12-18) The advantages of having your own house style: great efficiency (see example with em dashes and ellipses in fiction dialogue), some conventions Haley uses, and balancing your professional editing standards with a client's voice and vision.

You probably want someone to do a quick read and give you general comments on structure, helping you find holes in the plot, problems with characters, etc., before hiring someone to edit sentence-by-sentence, as an editor for story structure might have you deleting or moving whole paragraphs.

So you probably don't want to hire for a copyedit until the main text is laid down.

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