What is the dating scene like in san francisco

I had a girlfriend for 2 years during that time span, but she was a recent transplant from the south. Is it me just not being in tune with what the girls here are looking for or is it a dating black hole for the single guy?Which, sometimes it feels like transplants are the only dateable girls. Yup, it seems like two crowds that girls in general seem to be attacted to here: the preppy and wealthy techy or financial type, or the hipster type with a healthy dose of facial hair and clothes that seem like they're tryin too hard.I realized that I was spending a month and putting in more than 10 hours a week and was getting roughly a 2% return rate for every mail I sent out.

Spend a lot of time curating your profile and pay to message a bunch of women with something more than a single line and it quickly becomes a time sink.

Ladies get jaded thinking any effort they make in connection is in vain and they are just looking to hookup.

Something something tinder is making everyone assholes something something I have lived in SF for 12 years, and I'm also from the midwest.

The area has lots of talented people who still find time to care about health and fashion here which means tough competition, but it's not just the men who are flakey...

I found that "kid in a candy store" syndrome is common in both sexes when the threat of substitution abundant. Maybe they always have been but I feel it was less apparent when I was younger.

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