What the point of dating in high school

It’s a transition that prepares children well for the leap from high school to college and even from college to work life, says Dawn Burnette, a former high school teacher who authored, along with her sophomore students, .

They need to know who their child’s friends are, who the friends’ parents are, and where their child is going.

Most high schools have several paths: a college prep track for students motivated to attend college; an honors track for highly motivated students planning to attend a competitive college; and a career or technical track for students planning an occupation such as auto mechanic, electrician, dental assistant, or computer technician.

The goal in 9th grade is to start down the path most likely to be a good fit. It’s also possible to take some courses in the honors program and others in college prep.

Despite the challenges, most kids and their parents manage to make the transition from middle to high school with just a few hiccups.

Ninth grade is the year every grade suddenly counts, the year of the permanent record.

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