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(On producer-driven projects seeking funding and distributors: Ask yourself why didn't Carol and The Danish Girl end up casting out actors?

Why isn't Quinto getting more lead roles by non-studio, producer-packaged work?

Turn them into laughing stocks for people to reject, as some "inauthentic product" (newsflash: all PR are fantasy-friendly stories, including those by "straights"!

) All it did was create traffic to their gossip sites, and turn fraus into rabid neurotics living for a game of suspecting and attacking celebs' every word and act -- for "(when's) the real gayness coming out?

If they had to be living then Chris Kanyon doesn't count but I think if this was done when he was alive he would have made the list(some photos of him were hot but others not so much). Gay Games swimmer/model/Project Runway 4's Jack Mackenroth. JP Calderon(Survivor/Janice Dickenson's Modeling Agency)Dave Koz(musician)David Bromstad (I'm not impressed with his on line photos but he seemed hot on his HGTV show. It's rumored even nice guy Channing had some of Matt's scenes cut in Magic Mik, he was afraid he'd upstage him.

Blame the content producers for making life easier for straight actors and stories, but choose to roll in "FREE" gossip as entertainment, without going out to support gay products: movies, books, theater so as to increase their popularity that enables them to transfer "stardom" to movies and TV? They forget after being mocked and outed, there's NOWHERE for these performers to go - but down to the side or background.

Even conflate the hard work of performance with "just another type of closet"...despite claiming they would buy a performer's work whether straight or not!

Neurotic fraus end up reinforcing the status quo: ONLY straight actors do hard work, devote to their jobs, are believable onscreen, are "honest" (cos hey, it's THEIR culture and identities in the stories onscreen - that easily get written, funded, produced, cast!

There has to be more from all the reality shows but I don't watch enough of them to compile a good list. I know some have, I think Zachary Quinto have spoken about homophobia in Hollywood, and DLB has been going back and forth on the whole issue. More people in the industry need to stand up again the bigotry, racism and homophobia in the industry.

R176, well, lots of gay/gossip hacks attempted to force people out, by swaying public opinion and calling certain actors unconvincing in straight roles.

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