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She later agrees to a date with him where there is a confrontation between her and Mark.

Just as Mark is about to date-rape her, Jasper swoops in to save her from him, who she had previously turned down to hang out with earlier.

She takes her eyes off the road and ends up running someone over and driving away out of fear.

Sachs explained that Jessica Stroup "came in dressed for the part, artsy and quirky, and she had her hair up and she had a bandana.The producers were fans of Jessica Walter after watching her film Play Misty for Me.Sachs found that Walter knew pieces of scenes and suggested "stuff that works".She struggles to find her place in California and to maintain her sweet nature.She and Ethan had dated after he broke up with Naomi, but concealed it so that Naomi would not find out until they were ready to tell her.

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