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(Anson’s brother, Peter, is a famous fashion photographer and photojournalist.)Until fairly recently, Threlkeld worked in public relations at Puig, a design conglomerate whose flagship brand is Carolina Herrera.

In the few years she was there, Threlkeld held a variety of positions both at Nina Ricci and at Herrera, where several sources describe her as being “universally liked.” She handled a range of duties that involved some mid-level advertising work, and a fair amount of VIP dressing and event planning.

When news of his nuptuals broke, The Washington Post noted that the Beards “contributed ,500 to [Ford’s 2006 Senate] race and ,000 to the Democratic Party of Tennessee.

“Should clear them for a wedding present, don’t you think?

Always have, always will.”Jacob Bernstein is a senior reporter at The Daily Beast.

Previously, he was a features writer at WWD and W Magazine.

Says one woman who dated him briefly: “He pursued women vigorously and passionately, there’d be a week or 10 days of him being totally obsessive and then it was over.

We think it’s a rejection of the rest of us.”While there is a long history of interracial couples in politics, there are few black male politicians who are married to white women.

The marriage seems less likely to become a campaign issue in the North, but some have raised the question of whether it could be a problem with the black electorate.• Liz Goodwin: Harold Ford’s Wall Street Problem In early January, Danielle Belton wrote a piece on Black Snob.com, in which she noted the added hurdle a black politician faces among black voters when married to a white woman.

“It is PRETTY DAMN HARD to get elected if you're a black politician with a white wife,” Belton wrote.

After attending the University of Miami (she is from Naples, Florida), Threlkeld worked in the fashion industry for most of her career.

Her mother, Debbie, is now the wife of Anson Beard, a well-known Wall Street investor and former chairman of Morgan Stanley.

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He has also written for New York magazine, Paper, and The Huffington Post.

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