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Watney has competed in the Miss California pageant, where she was the first runner-up in 2002.

The two grappled back-and-forth for a few minutes before teammates stepped in and broke up the brawl.Though it's not a big deal to have affairs with various people nowadays but when you are in a divine bond like marriage then you must refrain yourself from having affairs.Heidi has been very loyal to her husband after her marriage, but she has her share of affairs.Varitek suffered bruises while Green left with a black eye and several bruises on his face and chest.Green was unavailable for Sunday’s game because of the injury, the Boston Herald reported, but Varitek started behind the plate, going 1-for-5 with an RBI in the 9-3 victory. Sources say Watney dumped Varitek recently, more than a year after Varitek left his wife for Watney and months after he announced he and Watney’s relationship to the press. The Boston Herald caught the pair making out at Maggino’s, a Boston restaurant, while hanging with Jacoby Ellsbury and his girl, Kelsey Hawkins, last week.“Tek was furious.

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