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Also awkward was a full retraction by first author Dana Carney, who detailed many ways in which the data were handled in order to pull out apparently statistically significant findings. [No, upon reflection, I don’t think the article was fair, as it places, without rebuttal, misrepresentations of my work and that of Dana Carney — AG], given the inevitable space limitations.

I wouldn’t’ve chosen to have written an article about Amy Cuddy—I think Eva Ranehill or Uri Simonsohn would be much more interesting subjects.

It’s admirable that Carney just walked away from it all.

And it’s probably a good call of Yap to pretty much have avoided any further involvement in the matter.

The challenge for Cuddy—and in all seriousness I hope she follows up on this—is to be this inspirational figure, to communicate to those millions, in a way that respects the science.

I hope Cuddy can stop insulting Simmons and Simonsohn, forget about the claims of the absolute effects of power pose, and move forward, sending the message that people can help themselves by taking charge of their environment, by embodying who they want to be.

Suppose he’d fit a hierarchical model or done a preregistered replication or used some other procedure to avoid jumping at patterns in noise. And then he most likely would’ve found nothing distinguishable from a null effect, no publication in JPSP (no, I don’t think they’d publish the results of a large multi-year study finding no effect for a phenomenon that most psychologists don’t believe in the first place), no article on Bem in the NYT . (I assume it depends on context, that power pose will do more good than harm in some settings, and more harm than good in others).

If your measurements are too noisy (again, see here for details), it doesn’t matter how good a person you are, you won’t be able to use your data to make replicable predictions of the world or evaluate your theories: You won’t be able to do empirical science.

Conversely, if Eva Ranehill, or Uri Simonsohn, or me, or anyone else, performs a replication (and don’t forget the time-reversal heuristic) or analyzes your experimental protocol or looks carefully at your data and finds that your data are too noisy for you to learn anything useful, then they article says, “suddenly, the rules changed.” It happened over several years, but it really did feel like something sudden.

And they, and we, were fortunate to have Simmons, Simonsohn, and others explain in more detail how they could’ve got things wrong.

Through this and other examples of failed studies (most notably Bem’s ESP paper, but also hopelessly flawed Kanazawa and many others), and through lots of work by psychologists such as Nosek and others, we are developing a better understanding of how to do research on unstable, context-dependent human phenomena.

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And, yes, Carney, Cuddy, and Yap ideally should’ve known back in 2010 that they were chasing for patterns in noise. They, and we, were fortunate to have Ranehill et al.

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