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"I'm comfortable writ- ing music from a perspective of having been around the block a few times, because that's how I am in real life.The result is some beautiful, wise songs that sound like they've been well-trav- eled." The album's opening track, "Better Than I Used to Be," takes a look at those early days in Kearney's backseat.In a way, I'll always be that kid, drawing from the influences I grew up with." Combing classic songs with modern, beat-heavy production, CRAZYTALK offers up a sound that's both cerebral and visceral.It's music for the head and the heart, but it's also music for the dance floor.

- Publisher JUST KIDS came together over the past few years while Mat toured the world.

It was during those teenage years that he developed his love for classic songwriting the kind that transcends generations and genres.

He'd strum chords on a friend's acoustic guitar, paving the way for a career that would eventually take him far away from Eugene.

For the very first time, he built a portable studio on his bus, and he cut songs all over the globe from Los Angeles and Sweden to his home studio in Nashville. Mat Kearney has a really interesting style of music, especially when he's telling a story like in 'Los Angeles.' The BTS videos he's released online add some more depth to the songs, adding some more emotion when you understand the context.

Most of this vision is a product of his own production, but he had a little help from MDL (Maroon 5) as well as frequent collaborator Josh Crosby. The best song is probably either 'Ghost' or 'Miss You.'"Just Kids" unfolds like a novella with page after page of anecdotes from Mat Kearney's own life.

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