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I’ve often wondered how I would have behaved in the meeting with Harvey Weinstein had I been more ambitious as an actor.

I was sitting in front of a man who wielded enormous power.

Here is an unsettling problem that I am left with now: Like so many, I knew about him.

And not just from my comparatively tame meeting with him.

This is how we’d normalized the trauma, tried to integrate it, by making comedy out of it.

I could decide what I felt was important to say, how to film a woman, without her sexuality being a central focus without context.

In my mid-20s, I made my first feature film, , I had the privilege of working with Julie Christie, who, while maintaining her vision for her character, was deeply committed to collaboration and could shift her performance on a dime when given direction.

For years, I heard the horrible stories that are now chilling so many people to their core.

Like so many, I didn’t know what to do with all of it.

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One producer, when I mentioned I didn’t feel a rape scene was being handled sensitively, barked that Dakota Fanning had done a rape scene when she was 12 — “And she’s fine! But for a long time, I felt that it wasn’t worth it to me to open my heart and make myself so vulnerable in an industry that makes its disdain for women evident everywhere I turn.

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