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Syesha Mercado was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA. Syesha Mercado's star sign (horoscope) is Capricorn.Syesha Raquel Mercado (born January 2, 1987) is an American singer, songwriter, actress and model.The tour began at the Apollo Theater on November 7, 2009.During American Idol season 7, she lost her voice in Hollywood Week and insisted on going on vocal rest and was seen communicating through paper and pen to the camera throughout the week.Simon Cowell, however, didn’t like it and called her performance “forgettable.” (Is anyone surprised?He uses this insult every week.) One of the things I was most excited about for Dollyweek was seeing if anyone would sing “Travelin’ Thru,” the theme song from the 2005 movie .

The minute Amanda started singing last night, my girlfriend laughed and said, “You’re such a sucker for a gravelly voice.” I am, I am!The three men I haven’t mentioned thus far (Michael Johns, David Archuletaand David Cook) all had incredibly solid performances, which leads me to believe we will see the departure of a female tonight. Mercado was the third place finalist on the seventh season of American Idol.Mercado was second runner-up ("the last lady standing") on the seventh season of American Idol.Prior to Idol, Mercado was on The One: Making a Music Star and she won Florida Super Singer.

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One of my favorites, Brooke White (along with a bluegrass band), opened the show with “Jolene” and failed to impress the judges.

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