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Jorja Fox portrayed the forensic scientist and became so integral to the show that she headlined the series’ movie finale alongside Ted Danson. However, she has spent less time on TV recently and more time in activism.She is a strong advocate of both human rights and animal rights, working with PETA to promote vegetarianism.In 1992, she was cast as Cat in the pilot for Red Dwarf but the series was never picked up.Although disappointed by the show folding before it ever took off, things ultimately worked in Farrell’s favor as she snagged the biggest role of her career in 1993 as Jadzia Dax in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Spending five years on the show, she wrapped up the series in 1998 and enjoyed another successful gig as Regina “Reggie” Kostas on the CBS comedy series, Becker, starring Ted Danson.With her son saying, “I love that you were an actress, mom,” it’s hard to imagine Farrell ever second guessing her decision to choose her son over Hollywood. Sara Sidle started as a recurring character before turning into a series regular for the final five seasons.Despite being followed by high profile successors such as Laurence Fishburne’s Dr. as an MDPD Lieutenant by the name of Horatio Caine.Since the inception of the character in 2002, Caine has been praised by critics and also developed a cult following during his time on TV.

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“Because I was the last person hired [on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine], I didn’t get a chance to know or build trust with anyone so I was just sort of thrown in,” Farrell admitted during an interview. it was really baptism by fire but I learned so much on it.

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